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Additional Rules and Regulations for all Classes

SEDBC tech team retain the rights to:

Tech any boat and motor

To pull head and check top 3 finishers in stock, super stock, and modified classes

To check all motors for Nitrous Oxide

  • All boats are subject to be checked after a race by protest.

  • Any boat finishing in a paying position will be subject to protest by the boat that places in the position behind you. If you protest it, cost will be $100.00.

  • Protest can be done no later than 10 minutes after a class

  • All inspections will be done by SEDBC Tech team. If the boat being protested is found to be legal you will receive the $100.00 protest fee. If you are found illegal you will be disqualified.

  • Boats that are protested in modified class, the head will be removed to check for big bore motor.

  • Starting official has the right to red light anyone for a false start. A red light penalty will count as an elimination.

  • If you have any problems at the starting line you will be put on a 5 minute clock. If problem is not resolved in 5 minutes you will be disqualified.

  • All classes will be given a practice session before the race.

  • This is a double elimination race. After 2nd elimination make your way to ramp and trailer up.

  • The racecourse will be 700 feet.

  • Nitrous Oxide is prohibited in all classes except Outlaw.

  • All boats must have working kill switch and all gas tanks must be secure.

  • All classes will start from an idle.


All drivers must:

Wear a life jacket

Wear a helmet

Sign a release when signing up for a race

Attend drivers meeting and no driver will be allowed to sign up for a race after a drivers meeting

No driver is allowed to consume alcohol while racing.

  • All drivers should sign up at arrival to race

  • If your boat breaks before the drivers meeting you will be refunded the signup cost

  • Pre-Race tech will be done on all boats as they're entering the water

  • All boats will have to pass post race tech inspection in order to be paid

  • Post race inspection form will have to be signed by SEDBC tech member and presented upon receipt of any race winnings

  • If sheet is not signed and presented to SEDBC payouts manager your winnings will be forfeited

  • No drivers will be allowed to sign up during or after drivers meeting

2022 Additional Rules

  • Signup fee is $50 per class for 3 cylinder classes

  • All V4,V6,V8 classes entry fee will be $100

  • Membership fees will be $25 per race and collected at signup


  • Signup deadline is 9:30 on race day

  • Divers meeting will be at 10:00am race day

  • Drivers not attending drivers meeting will not be allowed to race

  • All boats racing will be required to have cowling (hood) on engine while racing

  • Any boat that doesn't pass post race tech inspection will be required to go through pre race tech inspection before you race again

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